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Technology/Library Scheduling for Entire Class

  • Technology (computer lab and laptop carts) are reserved using the reservation system outlined on 
  • Library time may be requested by calling ext. 4625. You will need to note the date, period(s), activity, the number of students in your class, as well as the amount of time required.
  • Substitutes are not allowed to bring classes to the lab or library, so plan accordingly. Substitutes should not be using laptops with students as YOU are responsible for the equipment even in your absence. 
  • You are responsible for the discipline of your students; Westview School rules are in effect. 
  • Please do not leave your students unsupervised.
  • Students must clean up their work area before they leave.
  • Ensure that your students have a task to accomplish when scheduling lab or library time.
  • Additional resources/materials for students can often be provided by discussing the project in advance with the librarian. See Library Instruction section. 

Technology/Library Use - Individual Students 

  • You may only send ONE student to the library at a time and they should have a yellow pass with them, and it should be completely filled-out. Note that students who enter the library must scan their ID so they will need their ID. 
  • If you need to send a student to use a computer, you may only send ONE student with a pass.
  • Students may independently use the library (including the 18 computers) before and after school as well as during their lunch period if space is available.

Electronic Resources E-Books and Databases

  • Being Career and College Ready includes the ability to successfully complete research using databases and electronic resources, TUHSD offers many databases for student and teacher use. They can be accessed via the library webpage and via the Quick Link above. The password is knights. 
  • We would be happy to provide you with individual instruction if you would like to learn how to use these databases to prepare our students for college writing.
  • Over 400 e-books (both fiction and non-fiction) are available by accessing the library catalog, Destiny Discover, available on the desktop of all school computers. You can also click on it in the Quick Links above or on the homepage. Your login is your firstname.lastname and your password is your badge number in Synergy. Please contact the library for assistance. Students login with their network login and password.


Butcher (Roll) Paper

White paper (and sometimes colored) is ordered for teacher use. If you send students down to retrieve some, they will need to know how much to cut as the roll is not to leave the library



Technology Problems 

Please call the campus tech (4154) or the help desk (4357) for any technology issues of an urgent nature. 


You may also enter a Track-It by clicking on the Track-It icon on your desktop. 


If you are having issues with your mounted projector including needing a new bulb, please call 4154 or enter a Trackit. 


Copy Services

  • There is a copy machine available in the library to copy reference materials for students. If you need students to make a class set of copies for a presentation, please tell them to print ONE copy and take it to the counter. We will make multiple copies on the high-speed copiers for them. 
  • The copy machine in the Copy Room is not available for use by students, even if they are TA's (Teacher Assistants). Do not send students down to make copies on that machine


The library runs the copy service.

  • Forms are available in the library, the library copy room, and the mailroom; please attach a form to the items that you would like copied. 
  • Remember copyright restrictions apply to all items copied.
  • Requests will be handled in the order in which they are received.
  • The requests should be submitted at least one day before you need the copies.


Library Instruction

The library staff would like to provide your students with instruction to correlate with your instruction. Please discuss your needs with the librarian. We are very happy to custom design instruction to meet your objectives. A related service, pathfinder/project guide development, is also available for any of your projects. We can develop instruction via screencast videos for your classes to view in classrooms/computer labs, etc


Library/Lab Rules

Westview school rules are applicable at all times. There is no eating or drinking. School dress code is in effect before/school also. Please monitor your students. 


Teacher Check-Out

Teachers may request books on a particular subject for use in their classroom for projects and research. Books may also be placed on "reserve" in the library so that your students may use them while in the library, but they cannot check them out. Call ext. 4625 if you would like to use this service. 


Suggest a Purchase

If the library collection appears to need more resources in a particular area, please send an email to the librarian describing this. If there is a specific book that you feel would be an asset, you may also forward that information.



Display Cases 

The library display cases may be reserved to show student work. Please call ext. 4625 to reserve them. This is a great way to showcase our students' talents.



Black and white printing is available in the library and the computer lab. Color printing is available for $1.00/per page. If you need to print something, such as certificates, and you feel the cost should be waived, you will get an administrator to approve your request. The Librarian will arrange the printing for you. 



  • Lamination service is available. Materials must be less than 24 inches wide and cannot be thick, stapled, or with irregularities. Please remember to leave a note with your name along with the items to be laminated.
  • Lamination service only occurs on Wednesdays and Fridays. If you drop off materials on other days, they will be laminated and ready to pick up at the end of the day on Wednesday or Friday. Teacher Check-Out
  • Teachers may request books on a particular subject for use in their classroom for projects and research. Books may also be placed on "reserve" in the library so that your students may use them while in the library, but they cannot check them out. Call ext. 4625 if you would like to use this service. 

Professional Library Resources at Westview/District

Professional books are shelved in the professional library/Future Connect (college and career center) in the library. The professional library is available for your use before/after school and during your prep period. A computer is also available for your convenience.


  • All books and magazines in the professional library may be checked out. 
  • You may browse the shelves or use the catalog to locate a book of interest.  
  • Note that the district library also has resources available for you. Click here for details and instructions.  
  • Many professional journals are also available online. Click here to see current issues.





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